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Texas born and raised, Davy has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. His earliest memory is drawing circles with his crayons and being so mad that the circles were not round enough. His second earliest memories is of his grandmother, Hoo Hoo, reading the Sunday comics to him every week. Davy always knew that he would be doing his own Sunday comic when he grew up. Unfortunately, Davy has yet to grow up….

“I love to draw stories,” explains Davy. “I am a huge fan of old comedies. I want to bring classic movies to life in my comic strips. Each panel is a scene and I am the director. I love changing character emotions and scene direction with each passing panel. Yeah, I over analyze everything. I am still trying to get my circles perfect too”.

Davy currently writes and illustrates the comic strip Charmy’s Army. The comic strip runs in three newspapers, The Weekly Bulletin in Brazoria County covering 11 cites in Texas, The Idaho World News covering all of Boise County in Idaho, and The Zenith City Weekly in Duluth Minnesota. Davy’s comic strip follows a troop of army ants and a monkey at Fort Hill. Charmy is the main character in the series but Frenchy has quickly become the fan favorite. The comic strip has a huge online following which grows with every comic con appearance where Davy is available for commission work creating his famous Charmy’s Army mash-ups.

To see Davy’s work, go to his website, www.okracomics.com.

We’re thrilled to have Davy and his army of ants come to the Houston Pop Culture Expo section inside the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas! Don’t miss this chance to meet this wonderful talent and personality!